About Espressospesialisten

Dear Barista,

Espressospesialisten was established in 2007 with the basic objective of optimizing our customers’ coffee. As a Scandinavian import company, we offer some of the world’s finest coffee and espresso machines to the specialty coffee industry in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

We share premises with two sister companies (Barista Service and Barista School) who are also constantly looking for the best coffee, albeit with maintenance and knowledge dissemination as it´s respective service offerings.

Together, we are proud of the long-term relationships we have with our existing customers and we always strive for closeness and long-term relationships with our new clients. Putting your needs first has been and will always be the deciding factor in our progress.

If you are stilling reading, you´re probably already a passionate coffee drinker? You may already be blessed with delicious coffee beans and have begun to have higher demands to your coffee equipment?

Then we suggest you get in touch; whether it is to learn more about our product range, to fix your machine or just to have a no-obligation chat and share a delicious coffee with us.

Feel free to make an appointment in advance so we have time for a coffee with just you 🙂